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Changes to Challenges: Striving for Quality and User Satisfaction
Changes to Challenges: Striving for Quality and User Satisfaction
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Hey Combyne Community,

We wanted to take a moment to address an upcoming feature change. We understand that any alteration to a fundamental aspect of Combyne can be challenging, but we believe it's crucial to communicate transparently with you. So, let's dive into the details.

Starting soon, there will be a shift in how challenges are created and accessed on Combyne. We want to emphasize that this change is driven by your feedback, as we value your input above all else. Our aim is to restore a balance between quality and quantity in the Challenges feature, ensuring that it remains an integral part of the Combyne experience.

Here's what you need to know:

  1. Changes for Free iOS Users:

    • Free iOS users will no longer have the option to create one challenge per week

    • Instead, in order to create a challenge, free iOS users will need to spend 10 Superlikes in order to do so

  2. Changes for Free Android Users:

    • Free Android users will temporarily not have the ability to create challenges

    • However, rest assured that once the Android platform is updated, you'll regain access to creating challenges

  3. Premium Users:

    • Premium users will continue to enjoy unlimited challenge creations on both Android and iOS platforms. This policy remains unchanged.

Now, let's discuss the reasoning behind these changes:

Challenges hold immense value within the Combyne community. According to our recent in-app survey, an impressive 25% of our users find inspiration through challenges. However, it has become clear that there is a need for a cleanup in the Challenges section to elevate the overall quality.

To address this concern, we analyzed user feedback extensively and took it into account while formulating these changes. Our primary objective is to ensure that challenges maintain a high standard, offering meaningful experiences to participants. We believe that by reducing the number of challenges and improving their quality, we can create a more engaging and satisfying environment for all.

It's important to recognize the contributions of our power users who consistently deliver exceptional challenges that attract a significant number of participants. By affording them the opportunity to continue creating challenges at their current pace, we aim to maintain the exceptional quality they bring to the table.

Speaking of participation, our app usage statistics indicate that premium users experience significantly higher engagement, with the top 10% of them receiving a median of 150 participants per challenge. Even the bottom 25% of premium users still achieve an average of 3 participants. In contrast, free users typically receive no participants on average.

We are introducing the requirement for free users to spend Superlikes on challenges to establish a link between Superlikes and visibility, prioritizing quality challenges for the recognition they deserve. Additionally, in the future, we will be introducing Rewarded Challenges where users can set Superlikes as the prizes, encouraging participation, creativity, and excellence within the Combyne community. Users can claim Superlikes by logging in on Saturdays and participating in in-app surveys (watch out for them in the For You Feed) with more ways to collect coming soon!

We understand that this feature change may lead to frustration or disappointment among some users. We want you to know that we value your experience and are committed to refining Combyne based on your needs and expectations. Your feedback remains crucial in shaping the platform and making it even better.

We encourage you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and concerns with us. Together, we can continue to build a community that thrives on creativity, inspiration, and collaboration.

Thank you for being a part of the Combyne Community. Stay tuned for further updates and exciting enhancements to make your Combyne experience more delightful than ever.

With gratitude,

The Combyne Team

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