Combyne offers two types of subscription plans for all creators: Free and Premium. Subscribing to Combyne Premium gives you access to all features to help you create!

What do I get with Combyne Premium?

All creators have access to Combyne on the free plan, but with Premium, you will get access to all features on Combyne!


Combyne Premium

Free Plan

Challenge Participation

Participate in unlimited challenges

Participate in 5 challenges per week

Challenge Creation

Create unlimited challenges

Create 1 challenge per week


Unlock all of the cool wallpapers

No access to wallpapers

Premium Badge

Get a Premium badge on your profile!

No badge on profile

How can I get Combyne Premium?

Premium is available in two subscription forms: Monthly and yearly.
For the easiest way to check prices and subscribe follow these steps:

  • Go to your profile

  • Tap on settings,

  • Tap on the Subscription banner.

*Prices are adjusted in accordance to your country.

Subscription termination

If you no longer wish to have full access to Combyne, you can cancel your subscription at any time. The cancellation is valid from the next billing period, which means that you will still have access to Combyne Premium until the end of the period.

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