Stay safe on Combyne and other social media by being cyber-safe. Here's how.

Don't share your personal information.

No matter what platform you're using, sharing your personal information with other people can be dangerous. It can fall in the hands of the wrong people, and your account can be hacked, or worse.
Personal information includes: Your real name, where you live, your phone number, your real age, a photo of yourself, etc.

Protect your passwords.

Don't tell anyone your password. Don't make all of your accounts the same password. If someone finds out your password, they may be able to access everything you have. If you think you'll forget your password, write it down somewhere. Use two-factor authentication if you want to be extra secure.

Don't always trust a link.

Don't open links you don't trust. Don't open links if you don't know the person sending them to you. Be wary of the links you tap and the things you download. If the link looks suspicious, has strange words in it, or has a lot of numbers and symbols, it could be a harmful link.

Trust your instincts.

If someone gives off a bad or odd vibe, maybe it's time to leave them alone and maybe even block them. People can easily pretend they're someone else over the internet, so it's best to be wary. Tell someone, like a trusted adult, if someone is bothering you.

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