Badge-holders are creators within the community who share great content and uphold Combyne’s community values. Badge-holders are handpicked by the Combyne team to represent the best parts of the community.


  • Super-outfit-creators inspire many others with their creative outfits and unique styles.

  • Their feeds are appealing and their posts are inspiring.

  • They enjoy the process of creating looks. They’re fashion role-models for the community.
    Our current super-outfit-creators are: @assatou, @quol, @stylistrawan, @lessthanzero, @teenagefrankenstein, @nickyworld, @closetfullofbaddies, @liv.a, @xokathiexo, @pulpadventureprincess, @jeho, and @king_of_inspired_outfits_100


  • Super-item-creators create and share lots of items for you to use in your creations.

  • Their items are good quality and unique.

  • Think of their items tab as your mall where you can go shopping for lots of wonderful items to save to your collections.
    Our current super-item-creators are: @..voodoo..child.., @toomuchdash, @style_98_, @mmross22, @giuggy2, @yo.girl.alicia, and


  • Super-challenge-creators create inspiring challenges that many people love to participate in.

  • They encourage you to experiment with your creations, all while giving you a fun space to do so.
    Our current super-challenge-creators are: @ellachalmers, @szm_07, @blackvogue, @tamsin_goldstine,, and @m.designs


  • Super-helpers are your go-to creators for tips, advice, and all sorts of help.

  • They love helping people through comments, messages, and even advice blogs in the descriptions of their outfits.

  • Think of them as your friends who want to see you succeed!
    Our current super-helpers are: @shivanipawar04, @urvi_05, @andylicious, @artillwedie, @lalaz, @jessicarivera_, @sizzle_izzle, and @rba_98


  • Super-discoverers have a knack for finding cool new things within the community.

  • They discover the best items, creations, challenges, and all sorts of things!

  • They repost quality content, so keep an eye out for things they share.
    Our current super-discoverers are: @antilope_tenace, @itsabi, @pinkygumball, @miorlau, @banana.lana, and @sorryimascorpio

How can I be a Badge-holder?

To be a badge-holder, you must be collecting community points by upholding our community values for at least one year. You will then have the chance to be chosen. Create and be active how you naturally would; You shouldn’t work hard to get the badge, and you shouldn’t work hard when you have it. Your natural actions to earn points will be enough! Happy creating!

Other Badges

Combyne Team
Combyne team members are the staff members of Combyne. We work to make the app awesome!

Verified Accounts
Verified accounts are run by people of public interest, brands, media companies, etc. These accounts have been checked for their authenticity by the Combyne team.

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