Have you noticed that new button above your swipe combyner that says Favorites? Let's break down what it is and what it can do.

Once you tap on the Favorites icon, you will open your favorites list. Here you will see all of the different items you have tried in your swipe combyner. This is a great tool to see what other items you have available without having to swipe through all of them.

Deleting items from swipe combyner

Have you ever been swiping items and found some that you no longer want to see?

  • Open the the swipe combyner

  • Tap on the Favorites Overview icon at the top of the screen ⭐

  • Select the category of items you'd like to delete

  • Swipe right on the items you want to delete

Adding items to favorites

If you'd like to add items to your favorites simply:

  • Tap on a category of items in the swipe combyner (Tops, bottoms, accessories, etc.)

  • Choose an item that you like

  • it will automatically be added to your favorites list.

  • You can also tap the star icon on the top left corner of an item, and it will be added to your favorites!

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