We're building Combyne to provide a space for creation which lifts people's confidence. You and your fellow creators are the most important part of Combyne!

These are the three values which make our community special:


  • Creating every day makes you feel better, because you'll discover yourself and your personal style alongside other creators.

  • You will inspire others with your confidence!

  • Don't just look at what others do, jump in and make your own original creations!

The more you create, the better you will become. Creating a lot also adds to your community points.


  • By sharing your creations and items with the community, you are spreading love and care to your fellow creators.

  • Inspire others with your creations and items, and watch how they create something new with them!

  • By sharing, you encourage others to share, and this might inspire your creativity in return.

It's a huge compliment if others use your creations as a base for their own creations, and it adds to your community points.


  • Helping your fellow creators will lift their spirits and they will be able to achieve what they couldn’t before.

  • If you’re the one who needs help, the community is here when you need it! Sharing tips and advice with other creators helps everyone improve.

  • Helping is a superpower because it makes us all stronger.

You can help others by encouraging them, leaving helpful comments, showing them how to do something, making them watermarks, writing helpful outfit descriptions, or giving advice! Helping others adds to your community points.

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