How to start a new chat

  • Open the "Chats" menu at the bottom of the screen

  • Tap on the "+" Icon

  • Search for the creator username you want to chat with

    • If you follow the creator you want to message, Simply go to their profile and tap on "Message" under their bio.

Manage who can message you, tap here

How to search in chat

  • Click on "+" button at the top right of the screen (which you normally use to open a new conversation)

  • Type the your friend’s username.

  • Tap on their username and your conversation will show up.

How to send outfits through chat

  • Open the outfit you'd like to share

  • Tap on the send arrow at the bottom right of the screen

  • Select the creators you want to send the outfit to

  • Tap on Send

To send outfits from an outfit collection, tap here

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