Welcome to combyne!

We’re thrilled to have you join our loving and creative community! At combyne, our goal is to provide you with a safe and creative space where you can express your style without fear of judgement.

Enjoy combyne to the max by understanding what is allowed and not allowed in the app.

How to become an amazing creator

  1. Don't post screenshots

  2. Know when it's ok to post images

  3. Learn how to use items

  4. Engage with our community

Don't post screenshots

combyne is a place for creators to showcase their creativity by posting unique outfits. Feel free to get inspired by others and use their same items, just make sure to create your own layout in the app.

Don't post screenshots of other creators' outfits as this will be considered copying and your post will get removed. Always try to give others credit when you do take inspiration from their work.

Know when it's ok to post images

Standalone images are not allowed on combyne. You can post them only when announcing challenges or challenge winners. Keep in mind that images posted without any fashion items that are not announcing challenges will be removed.

Learn how to use items

Items should be used to enhance an outfit. They can be posted alone only if they are fashion related (clothes, purses, sunglasses, makeup, shoes, etc.) Every post must include an assortment of fashion items. If an item is of a complete outfit, other accessories should be added to accompany it.

Don't post outfits that only contain non-fashion related items with no outfit or accessories. For example food, nails, pets, etc.

Posting or creating sexual, vulgar, offensive or threatening items is not allowed, and they will be deleted immediately.

Engage with our community

Always be respectful and leave encouraging comments. We love to have a positive community, so make sure to uplift others. Do not make discriminatory, racist, sexist, or offensive content or leave mean/hateful comments. Spam comments (like for like) are not allowed.

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