You are what makes the combyne community! All of our amazing creators are called combynistas.

Within the community we also have combynistas that hold various roles and help us in making combyne more amazing than ever! This simple image shows what our community looks like:


Why is there a combyne community?

The purpose of our combyne community is to ensure that every single combynista feels welcome and appreciated. We do not believe in dictating our combynistas style and only sticking to the latest trends. Our community believes in encouraging people to owning their individuality and simply being themselves.

The specific roles within the community exist to make sure that our combynistas get the best experience possible.

How does the community benefit you?

Being part of this community means that you get to actively engage with fellow combynistas, share your creativity and empower each other. As part of our goal to make combyne a safe space for everyone, we have made sure that everyone gets the opportunity to be involved in the community. You, being part of the community, means that you get to enjoy all the benefits from using the app, interacting with fellow combynistas and improving the overall app experience!

Community roles:

  • Mentors - Mentors know the app like the back of their hand and welcome new creators to combyne! They are very social and always looking to help new creators feel more at home in combyne

  • Super-creators - Super-creators inspire a large number of followers with their stylish posts and beautiful feed. They share cool fashion tips and tricks!

  • Ambassadors - Ambassadors keep the community together by making sure everyone is happy, sharing positivity and being engaged in challenges, groups e.t.c.

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